Pet Laser Therapy in Columbus

River Road Animal Clinic is proud to offer Laser Therapy, a noninvasive treatment for pain and inflammation.  Pet Laser Therapy has helped pets have less pain and inflammation following surgery, as well as with ear infections, cat bite abscesses, tooth root abscesses, neck, shoulder, elbow and back pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, sprains and strains, wound healing, trauma, lick granulomas, and many other ailments. About 80% of pets treated with laser therapy enjoy years of a pain-free, active lifestyle. We hope to alleviate your pet’s pain and suffering with this wonderful noninvasive treatment.

How Laser Therapy WorksLaser Therapy in Columbus, GA

Pet laser therapy sends concentrated light particles into the affected area. The feeling is that of warmth and a soothing sensation. The light particles energize the cells of damaged tissue which speeds up healing while also reducing pain. Cells or damaged tissue are typically slower at their regenerative work, but the boost of light energy helps them perform at a higher efficiency. Furthermore, the reduction of pain hastens healing. Pain causes stress, which in turn raises your pet’s level of stress hormones such as cortisol that slow down cell production, thereby affecting the body’s healing potential.

How Often Pets Need Laser Therapy

As mentioned above, pet laser therapy can be used for a myriad of different conditions. The treatment is particularly useful for pets who cannot take traditional pain medication, those with ongoing chronic pain, and for severe injuries. Sometimes one application of the laser is enough to help your pet, and sometimes it takes a series or even long-term treatment to reap the benefits. For instance, surgery or wound repair will likely only require one application. However, chronic conditions such as arthritis will need consistent treatment to give your pet the most comfort and relief.

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