Veterinarian near Fort Benning, GA:
Treating Your Four-Legged Family Members Since 1989

Here at River Road Animal Clinic, our veterinarians and staff are just as concerned about your pet’s health and well-being as you are. Veterinary medicine allows dogs and cats to have a better quality of life and live longer, too, so we’re dedicated to providing exceptional, routine medicine for every pet that walks through our doors. We’re happy to serve the pet families of Fort Benning, GA and many other surrounding locations, and to be available to meet all your pet’s needs as they journey through life by your side. Get started by calling us at 706-327-8329.

veterinarian near fort benning, ga

An Animal Hospital that Treats You Like Family

We want all of our visitors to feel at home and welcome at our animal hospital near Fort Benning, GA. At River Road Animal Clinic, we believe the best veterinary medicine is given when pets and their families have a strong working relationship with their veterinarian. We don’t just practice

veterinary medicine; we educate, communicate, and offer continuous support to people and their animal companions.

Services Available at Our Animal Clinic near Fort Benning, GA

Some of our most notable veterinary services for dogs and cats include:

Why Board Your Pet with Us?

Our animal hospital also offers boarding for dogs and cats. If your pet is already a patient with us, boarding them at our facility might be less stressful for them. Furthermore, our veterinarian on staff during the day can provide medical care to your pet if it’s needed. We hope that gives you additional peace of mind!

If you have any questions about cat and dog boarding, feel free to give us a call at 706-327-8329.

How to Find Us and Make an Appointment

River Road Animal Clinic is located just 22 minutes away from Fort Benning, GA. Convenience is just the beginning when considering our animal hospital. Get started by making an appointment, call us at 706-327-8329.