Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Smiths Station, AL

Whether your animal companion of choice is a dog or cat, they’re more than welcome to see us for all their healthcare needs. At River Road Animal Clinic, we’re happy to serve Smiths Station, AL and surrounding communities with complete, heartfelt care to last a lifetime. We’re of a mind that pets are family, plain and simple, and the treatment we provide reflects that. Our veterinarians and staff are able to treat illness and injury, and offer recommendations and services to help you maintain your pet’s good health and lifestyle. It’s our goal to see you both share as many happy years together as possible, and to be your trusted veterinary partner through it all.

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Our Veterinary Services for Pets in Smiths Station

Your pet’s healthcare should be customized to their unique needs and lifestyle. As your veterinarian, we want to understand your pet’s health, behavior, and any potential risks they might face so we can give them the best care, when they need it.

Our key veterinary services include:

Your Pet is Welcome to Board with Us, Too

We’re very happy to offer cat and dog boarding so that if you need it, you’ll have trusted people to watch over your pet while you’re away. Dogs and cats each have their own separate boarding wings to help reduce stress, and our team will feed (and medicate, if needed) your pet according to their regular daily schedule. Additionally, if your pet needs treatment during the day, one of our veterinarians will be able to take care of them.

If you have questions about our boarding service or need to request a reservation, call us today at 706-327-8329.